The Amazon landscape is ever changing. As such, we know we must keep pace with the new information and tools they make available. We achieve this through constant monitoring and re-education from Amazon centric tradeshows, news groups, and meetings with Amazon. We know how time and resource consuming managing a brand’s presence on Amazon can be. Our firm’s team alleviates these constraints for a brand in a much more cost effective way than is normally achieved through in-house management. We have the tools and knowledge to get you setup quickly or audit your exisitng account. Our setup and auditing services include:


Product Listing Creation and Optimization

Your product listings are how your brand is represented to the customer on Amazon. In any given customer product search, it only takes one or two poor quality listings for that customer to exclude your brand’s products from future searches. It is crucial each of your listings communicates all the appropriate information a customer needs to make a decision. Too little information and the customer will abandon. Too much or disorganized information leads to a confusing or frustrating experience and the customer will abandon. We create listings for your products with all the pertinent details: keywords, product features, detailed description, images, size charts, search terms, and more. We make sure all the right information is there in a well formatted presentation. In doing so, we optimize your product listings which is crucial for getting found in Amazon’s immense product catalog.


Listing Corrections and Maintenance

Sometimes listings need to get fixed, and it happens more often than you would think. Maybe a retailer was the first one to list your product and they didn’t get the information correct. Maybe Amazon merged your product with one that is similar but not the same. Or maybe there is a random error – which happens frequently on Amazon.

With our Listing Maintenance and Correction service, we fix listing errors and ensure that the right information is associated with each SKU. Further, we monitor your listings for any potential issues or required updates that Amazon announces, which helps you and your listings keep up with Amazon’s ever-changing listing policies and guidelines. Fixing listings is not always straightforward, and it sometimes requires working with Amazon support to get it right. Our experience has led us to find the most efficient ways of working with Amazon to get these issues resolved.


FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon)

Amazon can fulfill your inventory through its FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) program. This makes your products qualify for Amazon Prime and Free 2-day shipping. Having your products available through FBA will dramatically increase their popularity on Amazon. More and more customers are signing up for Prime, and many customers filter their shopping experience by products that qualify for Prime. This means that these customers will not even see your products if they are not FBA.

We work with your team to prepare and send shipments to multiple Amazon Fulfillment Centers. We have refined our processes to be as efficient as possible while minimizing the amount of work required by your warehouse staff. We have experience sending thousands of shipments to Amazon. It is crucial to follow every step of the process correctly. A slip up can cause products to be mixed up or lost, which will lead to lower customer satisfaction and dollars lost. Sending product to Amazon is easy in concept, but can be difficult and tedious in execution. Our experience here will help you sidestep common errors and pitfalls.


Inventory Forecasting

Amazon is different than many other ecommerce websites – when there is no inventory the listing will go dead. It will not be easily found and you will allow your competitors to gain crucial ground. With our Inventory Forecasting service, we analyze sales data and forecast inventory specific to Amazon processing time and other factors that impact inventory availability. We find the right balance to maximize revenue while minimizing costs.


Other Services

Other setup services we offer include product research to help you understand competition levels and sales velocity, and competitor research to find similar items in the marketplace while also helping to identify product gaps and opportunities.

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