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Product Listing Creation and Optimization

Your product listings are how your brand is represented to the customer on Amazon. In any given customer product search, it only takes one or two poor quality listings for that customer to exclude your brand’s products from future searches. It is crucial each of your listings communicates all the appropriate information a customer needs to make a decision. Too little information and the customer will abandon. Too much or disorganized information leads to a confusing or frustrating experience and the customer will abandon. We create listings for your products with all the pertinent details: keywords, product features, detailed description, images, size charts, search terms, and more. We make sure all the right information is there in a well formatted presentation. In doing so, we optimize your product listings which is crucial for getting found in Amazon’s immense product catalog.


Enhanced Brand Content

Like the expensive A+ Detail pages that are only available to brands selling direct to Amazon, EBC allows descriptions in rich html formatting on your brand’s product listings. This means you can showcase your brand on each of your product listings, greatly enhancing product presentation and branding with inlayed images, font formatting, and layout control. The result is increased conversion by more effectively communicating your product and brand to the customer. Additionally, EBC is better for search engine optimization, which will drive even more traffic to your listings.

We have a deep understanding of all of Amazon’s product detail page guidelines, and we have over a decade of experience creating tens of thousands of product listings on retail websites and marketplaces. We ensure that the right information is put in front of the customer, and that the right information is fed to Amazon to optimize search and drive traffic to the listing.

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