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Account Health Management

Your account health is your reputation on Amazon. Customers will be hesitant to purchase from you if your account is in bad standing. Further, Amazon will penalize you if your account is not in good health. Even a short slip in your account health can result in thousands of dollars lost.

With our Account Health Management Service, we continuously monitor the health of your account across all your stats – customer service, feedback, order defect rate, policy violations, shipping performance, and more. We know what to look for so when we see a potential problem, we will promptly address it. We’ll work with you and Amazon to help prevent your account from falling out of good standing. Additionally, our extensive history of selling on Amazon has made us one of a few Beta Testers for new performance reports and metrics. This means that we can proactively address any issues you may have before the new standards are applied to your account health.


FBA Shipment Management

With our FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) Shipment Management Service, we work with your team to prepare and send shipments to multiple Amazon Fulfillment Centers. We have refined our processes to be as efficient as possible while minimizing the amount of work required by your warehouse staff. We provide your team with instructions on what to put in each box, the packing lists, and the shipment labels – it’s that simple.

Having inventory at FBA is crucial for the reasons noted in the section above. Thus, it is vital to make sure that new inventory arrives at FBA before old inventory runs out. This is where Amazon is different than many other ecommerce websites – when there is no inventory the listing will go dead. It will not be easily found and you will allow your competitors to gain crucial ground. At the same time, you don’t want to have too much inventory at FBA as you will lose margin in storage fees.

We analyze sales data and forecast what should be sent to FBA and when, specific to Amazon processing time and other factors that impact inventory availability. We find the right balance to maximize revenue while minimizing costs, taking into consideration sales growth, inbound shipping fees, and Amazon storage fees.


Inventory Reconciliation

Sending inventory to Amazon is just the beginning. Keeping track of that inventory can be a larger battle. The amount of inventory that Amazon manages and the number of hands that touch your inventory means that mistakes are bound to happen. Amazon is usually good about catching these mistakes and reimbursing you accordingly, but even Amazon makes mistakes.

With our Inventory Reconciliation service, we keep Amazon honest. We make sure that you receive reimbursement for missing items, incorrect orders, and inaccurate fees. We track items lost/damaged by the Amazon warehouse to ensure you are properly compensated for lost stock. We also reconcile every transaction on per item basis. We make sure that the number of received orders and return reimbursements match, protecting your bottom line.


Customer Support

Amazon’s top priority is providing a great shopping experience to their customers. As such, they have very strict requirements on the customer service that is provided by all the sellers on the Amazon marketplace.

With our Customer Support service, we will take care of responding to your customers across a wide range of issues, including inquiries on orders, shipments, returns, and more. Further, we will work with your team to make sure that any product related questions are answered accurately and in a timely manner. We know exactly what Amazon is looking for and how to keep your customer service stats high, in turn keeping your seller account in good health.


Feedback Procurement – Product and Seller Reviews

There is no better form of advertising than word-of-mouth, and Amazon has capitalized on this with its robust product and seller review platform. Each new Amazon customer is an opportunity to improve your seller reputation and grow brand awareness. However, over 90% of Amazon customers typically fail to leave feedback. In addition, customers with a negative experience are more motivated to leave negative feedback, which skews your ratings.

Product reviews are a crucial component to a listings success on Amazon. Not only do they list higher in Amazon search results, products with many reviews give the customer confidence and thus increase conversion. In addition to product feedback is your seller feedback – which gives customers confidence in buying from you. Further, a higher feedback score means that Amazon trusts you more, which can influence how they rank your products versus your competitors.

With our Feedback Procurement service, we go above and beyond Amazon’s standard feedback emails. Amazon typically only sends one email, and it is easy for customers to ignore. We send multiple emails over time, with messaging that is not only effective with open and click-through rate, but represents your organizations branding and message. We have the ability to be selective on when to ask for feedback, filtering out potential negative interactions if a customer did not receive their product on time, if they returned, or if they buy a SKU that has a common problem.


Returns Analysis

Returns can kill the profitability of a product, and it can have a lasting and damaging effect on your brand’s image. It is important to use the data that Amazon collects to minimize returns and maximize customer satisfaction by addressing the issues that cause products to be returned in the first place.

With our Returns Analysis Service, we digest all the product returns data Amazon provides and present the information in a digestible and actionable format. We look for specific trends or common issues and let you know when a product has a problem. This is crucial for unveiling actual defects with the problems, as well as identifying when the product attributes are not what the customer expects – too large, color is different than the image, etc.

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