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Advertising your products on Amazon is key to getting the word out – either for launching a new product or for advertising the sale of another product. It is also a great method to breathe some life back into listings that have gone stagnant and lost sales momentum. There are many different ways to advertise on Amazon’s platform, including Product Display Ads, Headline Banner Ads, Sponsored Products and Lightning Deals. Further, you can boost listing momentum by going outside Amazon’s platform and driving Google traffic to your products through Google Search and Google Shopping ads.

With our Advertising & Marketing Services, we work closely with your marketing team to create campaigns that complement your overall brand representation, but tailored for success on the Amazon marketplace. Our 15+ years of experience with online marketing means that we know what works, and what does not. It’s easy to create a campaign and assign a budget, but it’s hard to make sure that money is well spent. Done wrong, PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns can be a black hole for your marketing dollars. Given how easy and fast it is to spend on PPC, we’ve seen it too many times where online marketing can hurt you more than help you.

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