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Vendor Central is Not Working For Me - What Do I Do?

Continue selling on Amazon with Seller Central, and grow your brand beyond Vendor Central

If you’re reading this, you’ve had issues with Vendor Central. Maybe they charge you too many fees that you have no way of predicting. Maybe they abuse your pricing/MAP policies, leaving you with upset retailers. Or maybe they care nothing about your brand and only represent your core products. Even worse, maybe they dumped you with no explanation as to why, and you’re left with excess inventory and a gaping hole in your profit and loss statement.

There are many reasons why Vendor Central does not make sense. Enter Seller Central. This actually turns out to be the better option for most brands out there. With Seller Central, you have more control over your brand, listings, and pricing on Amazon. Not enough? How about more profits? Not enough? How about better, and more reliable, cash flow. Still not enough? How about increasing your sales way beyond what you are doing with Vendor Central. All of these things are possible (and probable – if you have the right plan) with Seller Central.

To sum it up, Seller Central:

– Gives you more control over your brand and content
– Gives you control over pricing
– Gives you much better margin and cash flow
– Gives you a direct relationship with your customers
– Is the best way for you to grow and protect your Brand on Amazon

Each one of these bullet points are worth talking about, and we’re happy to fill you in. If you are looking to convert from Vendor Central to Seller Central, or just looking for advice for who to better manage Vendor Central – please fill out our form to set up a free consult.

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